Safety Solutions Denmark specializes in mobile and flexible security solutions for public space.

The new reality, where experience and audience security, for example in public events, is more and more crucial.

Safety Solutions Denmark now takes the leadership and strengthens the effort to deliver unique security solutions for ensuring the public safety is lifted to a higher level of comfort and quality.


Vehicle management solutions

Vehicle management solutions

PITAGONE barriers offer visible security to events and sites that need to keep the crowd safe. It is a unique, mobile solution against ram vehicles. The barriers stop vehicles up to 7,5-12 tons with a speed up to 48 km/h. When required the solutions can be removed within a few seconds.

Crowd management solutions

Versatile and flexible non-permanent crowd management solutions for all types of events and security levels. The most user-friendly fence in the world is available in different sizes from 1,2 m to 2,5 m depending on the models. The reinforced model have a core of stainless steel in every mesh as well. The length is up to 35 m. With a quick-release function it is possible to put down the net in a few seconds.


Safety Solutions Denmark advises on setup and mounting of the solutions. We know what is needed for security when a lot of people meet for events.

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