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The stadium solution – unconditionally the best and most flexible solution for stadiums

Whether the next event is a football match, a concert or another sport event, the Stadium Solution solves the need to separate the audience both inside and outside the perimeter. Our solution can be adapted to the individual stadium.

Each event is unique and needs customized solutions to give the audience the best experience. The flexibility of the Stadium Solution is the possibility to arrange the audience areas according to the needs of each event.
At football matches, there is often a need to adjust the number of seats between home and away fans. With the Stadium Solution, the barrier can be quickly moved to match the number of seats to the number of fans, optimizing ticket sales so that no seats are left empty. In addition to providing additional revenue, it also removes the dreary look of empty seats.
At concerts, the Stadium Solution allows fans and VIPs to be separated. The VIP area can also quickly be made larger or smaller as needed.
In addition, the Stadium Solution reduces the pressure on the audience in front and thus prevents injuries to the guests.

Whether it’s football players, artists, or the audience arriving, they all want to arrive nice and easily. The Stadium Solution allows separating the arrivals area, the players’ tunnels, the mix zone, and the outside area, so that fan groups are kept separate.

The Stadium Solution can be mounted whit Quick Release, which is the system’s safety device so that it can be lowered in a matter of seconds in case of evacuation or incidents. 

They have chosen the stadium solution

Advantages and benefits

  • Nice and friendly design “good tv pictures”
  • Suitable for all kinds of events
  • Temporary cordon for matches - doesn’t look like a fortress
  • Tailor-made and adapted solutions
  • Tested by The Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SP, Sweden
  • Mobile solution without the use of a lorry
  • Easy to handle solution
  • Less stressful working environment
  • Quick Release (split second)
  • Rapid evacuation/access for the emergency services
  • Quick relocation
  • Avoids pinching and minor fall injuries
  • Difficult to climb
  • No “bike rack” missiles
  • Suitable for queue management
  • Less need for security personnel
  • The police can operate on both sides (TACRION)
  • Provides peace of mind for personnel and police
  • Buying time at riots
  • Flame retardant
  • Less need for resources and logistics
  • Less need for a lorry and handling
  • Less need for security personnel
  • Less need for space and storage
  • Quick assembly and installation
  • Optimisation of ticket sales
  • Less energy consumption in the manufacturing
  • Less pollution - less galvanisation
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less carbon emissions
  • Less weight
  • Less handling and storage
  • Made in Sweden and Denmark
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    • Quick and easy to install 
    • Quick and easy separation of fans
    • Easy to handle
    • Fills less
    • Less weight
    • Friendly design with good visibility
    • Can be lowered quickly with the quick release for evacuation or an incident
    • Less need for safety and security personnel
    • Better safety and security for personnel
    • Quick access for the emergency services
    • Buys time at riots as the system is hard to scale
    • Can keep fans apart
    • The police can operate on both sides of the solution


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