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TACROM – the reinforced Crowd Management system. TACROM has the same functionality as CROM, i.e., flexible, mobile, and spectator-friendly, as well as minimising fall injuries among the audience. Furthermore, TACROM is reinforced with a 1.3 mm stainless steel core running through each mesh and 10 mm steel wire mounted at the top and bottom of the net, which strengthens the system’s breaking strength and increases the reaction time of security personnel. The net can be further reinforced with a pyrotechnics rail on the top wire.

The system is suitable for high-risk Crowd Management and events with risk of pyrotechnics, e.g., high-risk football matches, riots and similar.

TACROM’s unique features reduce staff resources for security, law enforcement,
emergencies, etc., because the net is hard to climb while providing easy
perimeter protection for employees.

When the system is packed and stored, it takes up no more space than a large bag, which means logistical savings in storage, and it can be transported in an ordinary passenger car. 

The system is resource-saving during set-up and dismantling, requiring no more than 1-2
people, and it can be installed at an angle of up to 35 degrees.

The system can be supplied with unique adaptations. Please contact us for a chat.

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